Here's to helping start-ups up their game!

We just returned from Computex, Asia's leading computer & technology trade show in Taipei where they also host Innovex, a dedicated platform for start-ups.
Our visit to Innovex took us back 13 years ago when we were just a start-up with a vision to transform the mobile industry. As time passed, we've grown and cemented our position as a leading player in the communication service catering to an audience spread across the globe.

Innovex gave us a chance to look at how technology has progressed and how exciting it is. Things that were beyond our imagination few years ago, are now a reality. Yet, despite this growth in technology, when customer communication is concerned it is but a simple, practical tool that remains a global favourite - the humble SMS.

We were delighted to forge partnerships with start-ups and explore how they can leverage our years of experience and global SMS coverage - all in the spirit of entrepreneurship. Combining new ideas with tried and tested solutions will help start-ups go further in bringing their ideas to fruition.

Innovex was a great event to find new ideas and given our commitment to supporting innovation there will be many other events to come.

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