SMS Firewall

SMS Firewall

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SMS fraud and spam continue on the rise, with unauthorised parties bypassing standard interconnections and sending unwanted SMS traffic to mobile subscribers.
As mobile operators open up more roaming and SMS agreements and connect new providers of messaging applications, they expose themselves to an increased risk of fraud and spamming.

Fraudsters and spammers are finding every day new opportunities for bypassing standard interconnections and delivering messages to mobile subscribers without any extensive control.

Operators become the target of multiple threats impacting revenues, customer experience and overall profitability.

Route Mobile SMS Firewall will monitor and control

  • Large quantities of SMS sent to one or multiple destinations
  • Content of SMS and filter accordingly based on defined keyword/rules
  • Subscriber identity and location to prevent spoofing
  • SMSC addresses to match operator numbering ranges

Key Features

  • White Listing by allowing traffic from trusted interworking partners
  • Comparing origin numbers, SCCP and MAP SMSC addresses
  • Configured to trigger multiple actions when fraud cases are detected
  • Extensive reporting is available for all spam and fraud cases via the web interface
  • Anti-spoofing detection.
  • Fake SMS detection.
  • GT scanning detection