• What is Brandi5?

    Brandi5 is a simple and smart way to brand calls and SMSes with built-in branding features that has a low development and operating cost. It transforms the native SMS and dialer app into a better communication tool for corporates and users. Route Mobile’s Brandi5 comes with branded calls, message menu (call to actions) and caller’s show features.


    Branded SMS

    It enhances the layout and enriches the interaction of your brand’s native SMS. Brands can display its brand name and logo for every message it sends and can add up to 9 horizontal action menu buttons to increase conversion rates.


    Branded Call

    Brandi5 is designed to provide customers with a richer and smarter experience and this reflects in the user’s call log. Brands can create their virtual e-business card which showcases a logo, address, website as well as creates customisable vertical actionable menu buttons that would help the brand to increase its call communication and presence.

    Quick Fact

    With Brandi5’s smart identity promotion features a brand would be getting up to 30% higher phone pick-up rate and 65% in SMS read rates than existing ones, while it prevents any accidental harassment call and provides spam SMS filtering.

    How does it benefit your business?

    How it works?

    Brandi5 Flow

    The Route Mobile Edge

    Low development and operating cost

    Low Development and Operating cost

    Route Mobile can design campaigns especially for users, and send more SMS to them, to engage more and make the best utilization of Brandi5. Unlike Facebook, it has a low operating cost and unlike SMS it has a high CTR rate.
    Reliable Integration

    Reliable Integration

    Only a certified business profile can avail the branding features after it has been verified. The call filtering feature eliminates any accidental harassing. The action buttons need to be highly related to the sender and are reviewed to ensure compliance with the policy.
    Customized Onboarding

    Customized Onboarding

    It brings smart and personalised message experience with features, such as customisable action buttons for new product promotion and cross-promotion logo, re-engagement and re-purchasing, customer service, brand name, increase app download or wake-up and much more.
    Authenticity and identification

    Authenticity and identification

    It showcases your brand’s logo, name, links, action buttons etc only after verification for every message and caller info for every call. It Automatically displays the brand in your Inbox and provides additional information by clicking on the logo/sender ID.
    Market Leadership & Expertise

    Market Leadership & Expertise

    As an early adopter, brand’s can get recognition in the market as the first mover and enhance their brand awareness and brand loyalty
    Easy Installation

    Easy Installation

    No pre-condition is required by the user, such as downloading, etc. The end users just have to accept the smart messages on the phone.

    Relevant Industries

    • Marketing/ Advertising Agencies
      Marketing/ Advertising Agencies
    • Banking
    • Payment Gateways/ Wallets
      Payment Gateways / Wallets
    • Ecommerce
    • Government and NGOs
      Government and NGOs
    • Media

    Product Video

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